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Meet Melissa (Moncton)

Melissa started out hunting sporadically when she was 19.  She went on occasional bird hunts with her dad growing up.  But in the last 6 to 8 years her passion has increased, especially now that she has taken to bow hunting.

She says she is motivated to hunt because it enables her to bring a healthy source of protein to the table  for her family.  Hunting for her  provides stress relief and brings her closer to wildlife and conservation.  Melissa says, "There's nothing more refreshing than getting out in the woods and watching the beauty of nature."  She is continually learning and developing new skills  as she is now learning to fly fish.  

"Women That Hunt caught my attention because I share a passion in seeing young hunters get  involved with the outdoors."  

You can visit Melissa at Bass Pro Shops in Moncton.  

"We are thrilled to have her on board as our first Ambassador.  She will represent the WTH mission, vision and values well as we continue to extend our reach across Canada." ~Kelly, President

If you are in New Brunswick and want to be included in socials, outings and events in your area sign up to be a member of the Women That Hunt.  

Meet Mellisa (Kentville)

Melissa is from the Coldbrook, in the beautiful Annapolis Valley.

About 6 years ago she was asked to attend a ladies day at her local gun club.  She was hesitant to go but thought why not. Every year when she was not working she would attend every open house and ladies day put on. Melissa always took to shot gun. Her husband suggested that they get their PAL and she hasn't looked back since! 

Fast forward 2 years and she now competes in the NOVA Sporting Series along with other Sporting Clay events around the province. She attends clinics and gets in practice whenever she can, however being a Registered Nurse sometimes gets in the way.  "There truly is nothing better than seeing that clay break!" Melissa says.   "Originally I thought WTH would be great as I wanted to try hunting and what a way to do so with other women. However, WTH is far more than just about hunting, its about bringing back traditions by socializing, inspiring and connecting members of the community again."

"We are thrilled to have women from all over Nova Scotia join the Ambassador program.  They are making our goal of  reaching members in all  communities a possibility."  ~ Kelly, President

Watch the calendar as Melissa gears up events in the Kentville area.

Meet Alisha

Alisha grew up in the mountains of West Virginia and started spending time in the outdoors with her dad when she was old enough to walk.   She went trout fishing, rabbit hunting with the family beagles, grey and fox squirrel hunting and then deer hunting.  There weren’t many times when her dad left the house that she wasn’t right on his heels to go on a hunting or fishing adventure! 

In her 20’s she started chatting with a man from Nova Scotia on a hunting and fishing forum, then a few short years later they got married and now share their passion for the outdoors with anyone that will listen.  

Since moving to NS in 2009, she has been blessed to take her first and second archery bucks, goes seaduck and puddle duck hunting, been after snowshoe hares and goes goose hunting.  She and her husband have also competed in bass tournaments in years past and recently purchased kayaks to fish in more rural locations for trophy smallmouth bass and chain pickerel.

Having never shot anything that flew while living in West Virginia, she decided to take up shooting skeet and then moving on to shooting sporting clays in the past few years.  “I mostly enjoy outshooting my husband in competition.  It’s like a personal goal.  I don’t want to beat the women, I want to beat all the men too”, says Alisha.

This past Summer Alisha was asked by her fellow members of Southwest Nova Delta Waterfowl Chapter to travel to Charlottetown, PEI as well as her home club, Highland Gun Club in Yarmouth, NS to be a shotgun shooting instructor for a ladies day in both locations.  This was the first time she encountered Women that Hunt and learned more about what they do.  

“I felt super inspired by these two events and after speaking with these amazing women, I felt driven to help in any way I could, so ladies in my area can experience the outdoors in  ways that I have in the past 30+ years.”

"It's a movement, and we are finally getting established enough that it's spreading!  The only way to inspire the next generation and grow our community is to engage individuals who are fueled by passion not a pay check."  ~ Kelly, President