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Annual General Meeting WTH Awards February 15 - A time to re

First Hunt


We know how exciting your first harvest can be.  It is definitely a special one, and a story you will share many times.  This award recognizes a WTH members first hunt.  The training, the investment and commitment of time and effort. 

Recognition of Service


Volunteers are so important for the success of our organization.  This award recognizes a member who has actively committed  to 

 the implementation of WTH programs and events. 

Mentor of the Year


This award recognizes the vital role mentors play in passing on their knowledge and expertise to the next generation of individuals, helping grow and strengthen our conservation community.

WTH Junior Award


This award recognizes a WTH JR. Members who demonstrations enthusiasm.  Who is eager to participate, volunteer and shows a keen interest in the future of conservation.  

Long Term Service Award


Support comes in many ways.  This award acknowledges a member who consistently remains active within our organization, supporting it through membership.  This award is not a nomination.  This individual is selected by the Board of Directors.

Honours with Distinction


It goes without saying it will be difficult to chose just one person for the few awards available, as many individuals will be very deserving.   Honours with Distinction is an award to recognize the overall contribution of a WTH member.  This individual is selected by the Board of Directors.

What it means to be a member

What It Means To Be A Member


Family dynamics has changed.  What was once inherit skills passed down from grandparent to parent is diminishing.  The Women That Hunt (WTH) have committed to the development of ethical, responsible, future conservationist in an effort to grow our conservation community.   If we do not expose, educate and inspire the next generation who will protect and govern our hunting heritage and the natural resources required to sustain it.  

Becoming a member of the NS Women That Hunt Association means you support our mission, vision and values.  Your membership fee is used to support our events and programs. 

We are an all women's board of directors, with a focus on elevating women in a predominantly male environment.   Membership is inclusive of all genders.  



Participation is 100% volunteer and at your own comfort level.  

All members receive invitations to meetings and monthly social events.  These include but are not limited to long gun range, pistol range, archery (indoor/outdoor), wildlife seminars, certification courses, hunting and fishing opportunities and more.

Members connect through private social media groups providing opportunity to contribute/share/participate through networking.   

Members can assist in the development of events through committee participation or

assist in shaping future goals for the association by attending meetings.

Membership Benefits


We are a Nova Scotia based group, however not all members are local to Nova Scotia so our membership draws and special discounts are designed to benefit all.  

All active members are added to the email distribution list, providing information on all events and programs.

All members receive a welcome package.

All members are included in monthly $25.00 Bass Pro Shops gift card draw

All members are included in semi annual draw:  

Next draw is May 15, 2020:   Orvis Clearwater Rod:  Includes Clearwater Reel and Fly line. 9'/5WT/4PC, 25 year warranty.

All members are included in yearly sponsored hunt draw (guide fee/services only) transportation, accommodations and personal expenses not included.

All members receive:

40% discount on SPYPOINT Trail Cameras,  (Orders through WTH only), check out their products at www.spypoint.com.  SPYPOINT order form below.

15% discount on Wilder.  www.mywilder.com.  Wilder is an Ultra Premium pre-workout energy activator designed to give your body long lasting, explosive energy.

50% off Big Ears (Orders through WTH only).  Custom made ear protection.

10% discount on one time Under Armour purchase at Hnatiuks Hunting and Fishing.  www.hnatiuks.com

and other industrial discounts when available.  

If you are interested in Beretta, Benelli, Tikka, Sako or Traeger products, let us know and we can connect you with a resource.  



As a member participation is 100% volunteer and at your own comfort level.  As a member you are invited to participate on committees if you wish to be more involved and engaged in the organization.  Committees are as follows:


Membership Committee: Responsible for communicating information to existing members (Maintain database, monthly, quarterly and annual membership draws, membership renewal packages, sourcing membership items and prizes through local and industry sponsorship)

Regional Social Coordinator Committee: Responsible for engaging existing members. Organize monthly socials, coordinate and be main point of contact for Ambassadors. Guide and support social events in different areas, ensuring policy and code of ethics.

NOAAH Registry Committee: Responsible for engaging NOAAH applicants. Maintain database and be first point of contact for all NOAAH registrants, initiating first steps of the NOAAH matching process and implementing and maintaining industry standard.

Social Media Committee: Responsible for implementing social media policy, guidelines and standards in all social media posts. Create and maintain a positive and timely posting schedule to keep audiences engaged and informed. Proper tagging of industry and corporate sponsors pertaining to specific events. Implementing online contests, challenges to build social media presence for all programs and accounts.

Finance Committee: Responsible for record and register of all financial transactions. Create timely financial reports to present to the board. Aware of cash flow and budget projections and spending capabilities. Responsible for nonprofit filings and returns to CRA as well as Registry of Joint Stock updates. Track grant spending and restricted funds. 

Grant Committee: Responsible for grant applications and submissions as well as sourcing out other potential financial support for events, programs and general operating. Responsible for control of grant spending, tracking, and final reports.

Website Committee: Responsible for updating and maintaining current information on all websites, including events, calendars, pictures, testimonies and sponsorship links while adhering to WTH policy and standards set by industry sponsors.

Community Outreach Committee: Responsible for developing relationships with outside groups, and organizations to expand WTH presence.  Coordinate public presentations and guest appearances to promote the mission, vision and values of the WTH in a positive and public arena.

Tradeshow Committee: Responsible for organizing the schedule, engaging members to assist and ensuring all booth material is ready.

Youth Expo Committee: This is our biggest event of the year and we need as many volunteers as possible to make this event a success. The committee holds regular meetings, contacts business for donations, registers vendors, gathers prizes, organizes all aspects of the Expo. 

Water N' Woods  Committee: This event is held every August . The committee would love to recruit new members to assist in volunteering as it has now expanded to a 4 day event.  Being part of this committee you could help in planning, organizing, setting up, delivering, being a team leader, kitchen help, instruction etc...

Share The Harvest Committee: This is now an annual event where we offer a Field to Fork experience to anyone who would like to try wild game. If you would like to join this committee we can always use a hand.

Ambassador Program


What does it mean to be a WTH Ambassador?

The objective of the Ambassador program is to expand the reach of our organization.  The goal of the program is to provide opportunities for members to join in on social and community events in other areas.

 An ambassador is a selected member who acts as a representative of the WTH.  A WTH Ambassador is responsible for engaging members in their local area, hosting social activities and events while adhering to the mission, vision and values of the organization.  Ambassadors are part of the WTH team representing the organization in their local community, participating in community events, appearances and meetings. 

WTH is growing.  In an effort to engage as many members as possible the Ambassador program was created.  If you are a member and are interested in becoming an Ambassador in your area please send us an email.  

Summary of Criteria

1.  You must be a member of the NS Women That Hunt.

2.  You must be fueled by passion, not a pay check.

3.  Through the support of the WTH board, you must organized 1 event quarterly (4/year) in your area.

4.  You must represent yourself in a manner that supports the mission, vision and values of the NS Women That Hunt.  


The Ambassador program is new.  Please be patient.  Our goal is to eventually have Ambassadors all across Canada. 

See link to application below.

Code of Ethics



We respect the land,  nature, the natural order,  and appreciate nature’s bounty.  We strive to keep healthy populations by respecting the need for conservation, we respect the rules and regulations set up by governments and we respect others and their differences of opinions.

The Women That Hunt strive to remain a diverse group and strive to include everyone in our events to expose, educate and inspire. By accepting diversity and being open to new ideas we gain knowledge and inspiration.

The Women That Hunt hold ourselves to a high standard of accountability.  We lead by example holding ourselves accountable.  We are responsible for providing, to the best of our ability, accurate information and hosting events that are safe and inclusive.

The Women That Hunt believe integrity does not just mean we follow our moral or ethical convictions, we believe in being leaders in the hunting and fishing community by being open, honest, responsible, accountable, and to always follow our vision and mission to provide our members and community with the highest quality of care and service..