B0N 1C0, Brookfield, Nova Scotia, Canada

(902) 986-7010

Annual General Meeting and Banquet Details



South Colchester Academy, Brookfield NS.  Cafetorium.


Doors open at 5:00 PM, 

Social, fundraising games

Dinner at 7:00 PM

Awards, presentations, recognition, prize draws

Cash bar opens at 5:00 PM

Live Band 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM

Workshops 2:00 PM to 5:00PM


Single Ticket $35.00

Couples Ticket $60.00

Workshops Only $20.00

Sponsor Tables New This Year

Water'n Woods Sponsorship Table $725 - Send a kid to camp.  Youth obtain their Firearms Safety, and Trappers Course through a hands on, interactive 4 day 3 night camping experience.  Table includes 6 dinner plates, $300 raffle tickets, a reverse draw item, WTH swag.  

Youth Wild Turkey Hunt Sponsorship Table $1,400 - Send a kid on a Wild Turkey Hunt to Maine.  A hunt of a lifetime for many, youth put what they've learned at camp into practice.  Guided by 10th Legion Guide Services, their trip extends over 5 days with 3 full days of hunting.  Table includes 8 dinner plates, $400 in raffle tickets, a 12 gauge, single shot, shot gun, one reverse draw item, WTH swag.  

Pre Banquet Workshops

Your dinner ticket includes the chance to meet with Subject Matter Experts in various fields of interest.  Information regarding workshops will be updated as details are confirmed. so keep checking back.

If you wish to attend the workshops but not the dinner a ticket can be purchased separately for $20.00

pRE bANQUET wORKSHOPS (Register when you buy your ticket)

Marksmanship and Ballistics (2:00-3:00)

Open Air Accuracy will cover marksmanship principles, understanding basic ballistics, and improving hit probability at longer distances.  Time to ask the professionals.  

Understand Shooting Equipment (3:00-4:00)

Subject matter expert, Nordic Marksman

Chainsaw Art Techniques (3:00-4:30)

Workshop lead by experienced Chainsaw Artist Rob Milner and up and coming artist 12 year old Alex Hubley.  Inspired at the Youth Expo Alex has  developed artistic skills, creating sculptures of his own.  Learn the do's and don'ts and obtain tips and tricks in the skill of chainsaw artistry.  

Alex has donated a sculpture that will be auction off during the banquet.

Birds of Clay (4:00- 5:00)

Beretta Canada representative will provide you the details needed to improve your sporting clay skills.

It's all Optics (4:00-5:00)

Stoeger Canada's Subject Matter Expert will give you an inside look into the world of Optics.  

WTH Annual Membership Awards

The NS Women That Hunt Association wishes to recognize member contributions for 2019.  If you know a WTH member who should be recognized please review the list of awards possible.

WTH Main Events - Why fundraising is so important


Youth Expo

The Youth Expo is a unique event designed to expose youth of all ages to new activities related to the outdoors, conservation, fitness, art, community programs, nutrition and more.  Health is not merely the absence of illness.  There are many factors that affect health physically, mentally and emotionally.  Just ONE idea can profoundly impact a person's place in life!  The Youth Expo is built to encompass as many ideas as possible in an effort to, educate and inspire youth of all ages to try something new towards better health and wellness.  

Many of the directors of WTH had no experience hunting or fishing.  When the "opportunity" to try was presented a "What The Hell" attitude was formed.  The idea was life changing  for many and lead us on a path that resulted in the formation of our not for profit.  It changed our way of thinking, our practices, our passion.  The Youth Expo is built on this premise.  Present an opportunity to try something new and it could change your life, your health, your career path, your motivation, your passion.   That's why we say youth of all ages, because you can be inspired at any age.  


Water'n Woods Program

The Water'n Woods program is a 4 day, 3 night program where the Canadian Firearms Safety Course (CFSC), Hunters Education (HE) and Trapper's courses are taught through a hand on, interactive program that provides a more dynamic learning environment bringing learning to life.  Individuals will walk away certified hunters and trappers with a developed knowledge and skill base, better understanding wildlife, wildlife management, sustaining wildlife, their habitat and the role hunter's play in conservation.  

Youth who participate in the Water'n Woods program become automatic Junior members of the WTH.   Jr. members are then eligible to apply for mentor hunts like the Wild Turkey Hunt in Maine, and other local hunting opportunities partnered with other organizations.  Notifications of opportunities are distributed through email.  

The Water'n Woods program takes place once a year in August.  The program has been funded by the Nova Scotia Habitat Conservation Fund.  

This program is offered to youth 12 years and older through an application process and WTH members who have yet to obtain their licenses.


Share The Harvest

Share the Harvest is a FREE field to fork meal, led by WTH member and Red Seal Chef Jessica.  Our goal is to harvest, prepare and serve a true field to fork experience for those who are interested in trying wild game or just need a hot meal.   

The WTH practice living a more self sustaining lifestyle.  We hunt for the best organic meat, we hunt for the freshest eggs, we hunt for the biggest yield in our gardens.  Share the Harvest is about just that.  Sharing our harvest with the community.  

Harvesting goes beyond, way beyond, releasing a bow or squeezing a trigger.  It takes commitment, perseverance, patients, mental and physical ability, education, strategies and more.   There is a higher value placed on our harvest and a greater appreciation of what's served on our plate when the pursuit or effort goes beyond a trip to the grocery store.    Check our calendar for event date.


Mentorship Matters

If we wish to pass along the traditional heritage aspects of survival, living with nature, and providing from nature, we need to be able to learn from those who have the expertise and desire to make a transfer of that knowledge.

The NOAAH Registry matches experienced hunters, anglers, trappers and guides with specific learners, 12 years and older wishing to acquire knowledge and skills in their area of interest.   The matching process is designed to increase the opportunity for people to connect and create opportunities together that suit their schedule and location.  

Our members are located all across Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI, Ontario and more.  We as a volunteer group can only reach so far but recognized how important it is to engage those with the desire to learn.  

You do not need to be a member of the WTH to join the NOAAH Registry.  An application for the registry is included in all WTH membership packages. 

Please join the NOAAH Registry if you have knowledge you are willing to share or if you wish to learn.  The NOAAH Registry is not age specific, gender specific or organization specific.  It is a network built to help grow our conservation community.